About Us

Tamagotchi House is a shop for people who want the BEST tamagotchis and don’t like to waste time shopping or hunting for the perfect one. We add new tamagotchis every day to make sure YOU always have the hottest one!

Tamagotchi, the virtual pet playground craze from the 1990's, is the latest retro tech gadget set to make a comeback. If you didn't manage to get your hands on an original Tamagotchi 20 years ago - now's your chance!

The egg-shaped toy, released in the US back in 1997, is an electronic pocket pet that kids feed and care for. Players "hatch" and name their Tamagotchi, and tend to it by pushing buttons to fill up the pet's hunger meter, clean up its droppings and play with it. Tamagotchis that are properly cared for transform into adults. It will die if it is neglected.

Tamagotchi 2017 are essentially the same as the original, although, the egg shape is a little smaller than the size it used to be. There's nothing we need more than a Tamagotchi to entertain us from our daily work…

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